Muhaimin Usulkan Gubernur Cukup Dipilih Presiden

General Chairman of the Central Executive Board of the National Awakening Party Muhaimin Iskandar said the governor is elected President of the Republic based on a number of names proposed by Parliament. “In the future, this governor’s planned extension of the central government. New regent or mayor may be elected by the people,” he said, Saturday.

He said this to reporters after the signing was witnessed Year 2010-2012 Labor Agreement between PT Pertamina (Persero) with Pertamina Unified Workers Federation (FSPPB), in Cilacap.

Therefore, a component of the governor of the central government or central government representative in the region, he said, quite a few names proposed by the parliament to be elected by the President of the Republic because the position of governor of the semi-between ministers and regional representatives. Thus, he said, the governor has the real authority.

“Not like now, its authority does not exist, its activity is not great. But the selection process was too expensive,” he said. According to him, this discourse in fact emerged as concerns in the gubernatorial election which is too costly when held directly in this case, he said, a candidate for governor may spend tens of billions of rupiah but its authority is limited.

Related to that, he said, an analysis of local elections especially costly gubernatorial elections if held directly is still matured.

In addition, he admitted politically was “whispering” to discuss the discourse but not yet serious. “The coalition had already emerged but not yet serious,” said Muhaimin.


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tolalitas pada sesuatu itu dalah keharus dalam pilihan hidup. ihktiar suatu yg wajib dilakun semakin sempitnya dunia terhadap ruang gerak individu yang termajilakan secara sistem. kebebasa adalah hak mutlak..!!
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