SBY Pilih Diplomasi Masalah Malaysia,

Jakarta, Coordinating Minister for Economy, Hatta Radjasa, stressed the President has outlined a policy to solve the problems Malaysia through diplomatic channels.

“We firmly, but the head stay cool. We take the path of diplomacy. And that was expressed by President SBY, “said Chairman of the National Mandate Party in Jakarta, Saturday, August 28, 2010.

Hatta declared the settlement steps being taken by the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa was on the right path. He asserted not agree with a number of people who want the government to use violent means, such as physical war, against Malaysia.

“Big nation in answer to a problem is not with war or throwing feces. We have a more dignified way of diplomacy, “Hatta asserted.

In addition, he also explained that the growing tension between the two countries related to border issues, not to disturb the bilateral economic relations. “Not at all,” he said.


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tolalitas pada sesuatu itu dalah keharus dalam pilihan hidup. ihktiar suatu yg wajib dilakun semakin sempitnya dunia terhadap ruang gerak individu yang termajilakan secara sistem. kebebasa adalah hak mutlak..!!
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